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Eli Harris comes to the ImmerseCon Panel!

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Welcome to the Vocal Talents of Eli Harris


At the age of 6, my parents got me involved in the performing arts and martial arts, as they wanted to ensure that I used my energy in a positive way. I started doing theater in elementary and intermittently continued throughout my school years. After school, I went into the military and I am a proud Veteran. I was stationed in Bamberg Germany and did a tour duty in Bosnia Herzegovina. This not only instilled discipline in me but integrity and an appreciation for other cultures.

After I served my time in the military, I came back and got into the 9 to 5 grind. Though I had some great positions, the arts was still in my blood. After talking with my wife I decided to go back to my passion, pursuing on-screen acting. In my 20+ years in film and television, in which I was very successful, I still wasn’t totally fulfilled. It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I started pursuing my journey into the world of VO, even winning the Gerald “Jerry” Lawson Performance

Award for Video Games in 2021. I have not only voiced for several national brands like Disney, Manscaped, UFC, Icy Hot, NBA, Activision Blizzard and many others, but have also formed close, personal business relationships with each entity. As an avid gamer, I am also a speaker and have spoken at several notable conferences like GDC, GDOC, Indie Game Business and the upcoming ECGC (East Coast Gaming Conference) in April. I’ve even been featured in write ups on notable publishings like NewsBreak, Digital Trends and Eurogamer to name a few.

As of January 2023, I have become the face of Voice Over and Gaming – Esports for the Veteran owned, athletic apparel company True Victory, which boasts several
celebrities and athletes.

Though physical acting provides such an outlet, doing VO gives me a totally different energy than on-camera work. On camera I can play a variety of roles ranging from a doctor to an FBI agent. Voiceover however is a totally different realm! I can voice cantankerous old men and monsters. This has also opened doors for my youngest son, who is also now a voice actor with games, commercials and animation under his belt.

No other profession can allow me to make a living while enjoying what I do and leaving a legacy.


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A Few Words About the Work...

From sound quality to vocal depth, Eli is for sure one of the best. His voice is deep and soulful and has that certain quality that gives you the feels like Barry White. We will for sure be using Eli again in the future.

Jake A. Taylor

Eli is a top tier artist and professional. I have worked in Hollywood for 15+ years. His talent is among the best and deserving of all his success.

Julian Shereda-McKenna

The communication with Eli was perfect. He responded very quick. Also the quality is outstanding!

Van H.

Eli's voice is EPIC! He is not only talented at what he does but is really educated on the overall process. Do not hesitate to work with him. I know I will be back for future projects!

Barnum Business

Easy to work with and great results. Can not recommend strongly enough! Audio clarity is broadcast quality with no need for any noise reduction and can just be dropped straight in.

Greg Furber
united kingdom

Eli is an exceptional talent, very professional, easy to work with, and efficient. I received my project on time and now have smiling clients. This man is great to partner with for any project!

Travis Cleevely
South Africa

Eli has such a powerful and recognizable voice. We were so excited to work with him and had a great experience throughout the process. He's very professional, communicates clearly and listens carefully to the direction he is given on a project. We used Eli's voiceover in a promotional video and have had some very positive feedback about the professionalism of the video. Eli's voiceover took our project to a level we could not have achieved without his services. We highly recommend his services and are a very happy first-time customer.



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